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Entire family that grew up fishing the Mighty Mississippi River and are in the process

of passing this tradition down to our youth.


 Catfish are our specialty on the west central Illinois - Iowa pools using our proven Schrock Catfish Drift and Flathead Rigs.

In picture below is 245 years of fishing catfish experience. We know what we are doing , No brag, just Fact.


Commited To Quality

We make our products using only high quality components and materials that have a proven performance record. 
 All products are made and assembled in U.S.A.
 No matter what type of water you are fishing you will be glad you are using top quality Schrock rigs when you hook up with that Catfish of a lifetime. catfish tackle catfish decals


Working with Veterans

We have a mission here at Schrock Catfish Rigs to help any and all veterans. There are a lot of our Men and Women Vets who have a little trouble coping, our goal is to get them on the water and enjoy what GOD has given us. My boat is a place where what is said or done stays there. We will catch fish but also  good place to talk, being a Veteran myself, we can share the brotherhood. No one to judge you or belittle you just pleasant down home talk, as much or as little as you want. Did I mention the Vet trips are free. 


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Schrock Catfish Rigs

560 Lawrence Avenue, Galesburg, Illinois 61401, United States

(309) 299-2554